Hollywood Ending

Lance Pototschnik returns with his wittiest, darkest, funniest book.

The 2008 recession hits. The US economy goes belly-up and sentences a young generation to wayward lives. With nothing to lose, Lance Pototschnik and his best friend, Jackson Greenly, decide to go for their artist dreams. Lance begins a grassroots initiative to sell an original screenplay to Hollywood. He lives out of a rental car and travels the country filming strangers’ street auditions, hoping to generate enough interest on social media to dragoon a production deal. Jackson goes to art school, where he is inspired to make the perfect painting: one with the power to shoot a person dead.

About Lance Pototschnik

On the back of his incisive humor and formidable observation skills, Lance Pototschnik has quickly ridden to the top of the mountain of self-published authors.

He published his first book, The Shell of a Person, at age 25. The book was touted as one of the best of 2013 by an emerging, self-published author. Shell revealed Pototschnik as a unique talent, a writer with the rare power to make one laugh to and through the brink of undignified, maniacal, public cackling.


Before Hollywood Ending, there was a Hollywood beginning. This is the original promotional video compiled during the casting journey. 

Praise for The Shell of a Person

“Never have disgusting, miserable living conditions been so funny. When someone finally finds a way to send back a report from hell, I hope it will be Lance Pototschnik. Except this guy is going to heaven, for the way he writes.”
–Mark Myers
The Kindle Book Review

“Memorable passages that will yank at your heart, and even more that will make you laugh. I loved this book.”
–Laura Friedkin
San Francisco Book Review


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